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97th Constitution Amendment(111th) 97th (111th) View
Gratuity gazatte nottification 15/2010 View
Classi. ex. for Pay revision EM 19892/11 View
Pensioners Medical Allowance G.O. (P) 62/2012 View
Qualifying Test Exemption g.o.(p) 183/2011 View
TA old Order g.o(p)85/2011/fin View
Training Exemption Order G.O.(P)171/2011 View
System Administrator UCB G.O.(P)652/2011 View
Classification of SOS g.o(p) 225/2010 View
Classification of SOS Table g.o(p) 225/2010 View
Pay revision primary full 2015 View
Pay revision primary basic table 2015 View
UCB Pay revision rectification 120 2015 View
Partime emp revision order G.O-382/11 View
Pay revision order G.O(P)36/2011 View
Part time employees new order G.O.(P)18/2012 View
Additional increment to ADB Empoyees G.O.(P)8/2012 View
Deposit Insurance Guarantee Board G.O.(P)3/2012 View
Ente sangam 12 -12 View
97th Constitution amendment act-date of effect 265E dated 8-2-2012 View
Pay revision primary Annexure 1 118 2015 a View
Grade clarification of PACS 12942 C3 2011 coop View
Stagnation Increment G.O.(P)553/2012/CO-OP View
Group Insurance go(p)606/2012 View
Pension OTS go(p484/2012 View
Banking Laws Amendment Bill 2011 Bill No.18 View
KCS Rules amendment 2013 G.O.(P)12/2013/co-op. dt 19-01-2013 View
CLASSIFICATION TABLE G.O.12/2013/co-op. View
Pension 15% & 17% Incease G.O.(P)382/2013/Coop View
Maharashtra Co-operative ordinance 2013 II of 2013 View
Kerala Co-operative societies amendment Act 2013 Act 8 of 2013 View
Election on ward basis- exemption G.O.(P)52/2013/co-op dated 1-4-2013 View
97th Constitution Amendment quashed WPPIL166 of 2012 View
Chit funds exempted from service tax WP(C)4512/2012 View
FINANCE ACT 2013 17/2013 View
Supreme Court penalise JR for Supersession of Board Civil appeal No.4691 of 2013 View
Qualifying exam-exempted G.O.(P)40/2013/Co-op View
Dry day on June 20 26873/F2/13 View
DA New 114% 2013 G.O(P)396/2013 View
Qualifyimg Examination notification 15/2011 View
NABARD circular PACS as BC of DCB 824 dt:22/7/13 View
Registrar rejects Nabard's proposal CG(1)7230/13 dated 3.8.13 View
Pay revision primary full 2015 118 View
Supreme Court on Sec.133(6) SLP(c) 3976/2010 View
Gahan Fee Exempted G.O.(p)168/2013/TD View
RTI Act- Supreme court judgment CA 9017/2013 View
New D A 128 % G.O.(P)66/2014 View
Draft Rule 2014 G.O.(P)365/2013 View
Extension of term of Committee of Co-operative societies 44/2014 View
Employees welfare Fund- benefits-rule amended 4/2014 View
Election on ward basis- exemption period extended G.O.(P)66/2014/co-op View
New DA 142% G.O. (P) 382 2014 View
Income Tax Act S.80(P)- Karnataka HC order ITA 598/2013 View
Risk Fund Rules- Amendment 96/2014 View
AO of Income Tax not to call for irrelevant information Notification No.7/2014 View
UCB Pay revision anomilies 2015 View
Pension Enhanced Order 2014 View
Deposit Guarantee Scheme- Amended G.O.(P)126/2014 View
Sitting fees, honorarium, TA rates revised Circular 49/2014 View
Rule Amendment 2014 142 2014 View
Pension New Order 149 2014 View
CBDT order against coercion during Survey F No.286/98/2013-IT(Inv.II) View
DA order 152% 174 2015 View
Pensioners Medical Allowences GO(p)180 2015 View
Supreme Court dismissed SLP on Sec. 133(6) of IT Act SLP 10776 /2015 View
Govt orders exemption on Active membership G.O.(P)68/2015/Co-op dt. 25-11-2015 View
Daily Collection & Appraisers Order 8559_2015 View
State ARDB employees pay revision order 8560_15 View
Bonus 2014-2015 38890/2015 View
Bonus Commission Agent 2015 498 2015 View
New D A 160% 561_2015 561 2015 View
UCB Pay revision 2015 11818 2015 View
Visions 2025 committe 11541 2015 View
DCB Pay revision 2015 2015 View
Pay revision PACS/PCS 2015 118 2015 View
Hospital pay revision 2015 125 2015 View
PCARDB pay revision 2015 124 2015 View
Pension OTS 693-2015 View
Industrial Dispute Act not applicable to employees of Co-operative Societies - Kerala High Court WA.NO. 2516 OF 2009 View
Group Personal Accident Insurance 526 2015 View
Group Personal Accident Insurance Form 1 & 2 View
New DA 92% Order 758 2015 View
Holyday press release 23 12 15 View
Milk Employees Pay revision 2 2016 View
173/2016/co-op pensioners DA 5% Increase View
80 (P) HIGHCOURT ORDER ITA 402/2013 View
TA New Order 7/2016 View
DA 96% 350/2016 coop View
Extend of committe 482 2016 View
Hospital Employees Anomaly 82 2016 View
Bonus 2016 EM(1)37890 2016 View