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97th Constitution Amendment(111th) 97th (111th) View
Gratuity gazatte nottification 15/2010 View
Classi. ex. for Pay revision EM 19892/11 View
Pensioners Medical Allowance G.O. (P) 62/2012 View
Qualifying Test Exemption g.o.(p) 183/2011 View
TA old Order g.o(p)85/2011/fin View
Training Exemption Order G.O.(P)171/2011 View
System Administrator UCB G.O.(P)652/2011 View
Classification of SOS g.o(p) 225/2010 View
Classification of SOS Table g.o(p) 225/2010 View
Pay revision primary full 2015 View
Pay revision primary basic table 2015 View
UCB Pay revision rectification 120 2015 View
Partime emp revision order G.O-382/11 View
Pay revision order G.O(P)36/2011 View
Part time employees new order G.O.(P)18/2012 View
Additional increment to ADB Empoyees G.O.(P)8/2012 View
Deposit Insurance Guarantee Board G.O.(P)3/2012 View
Ente sangam 12 -12 View
97th Constitution amendment act-date of effect 265E dated 8-2-2012 View
Pay revision primary Annexure 1 118 2015 a View
Grade clarification of PACS 12942 C3 2011 coop View
Stagnation Increment G.O.(P)553/2012/CO-OP View
Group Insurance go(p)606/2012 View
Pension OTS go(p484/2012 View
Banking Laws Amendment Bill 2011 Bill No.18 View
KCS Rules amendment 2013 G.O.(P)12/2013/co-op. dt 19-01-2013 View
CLASSIFICATION TABLE G.O.12/2013/co-op. View
Pension 15% & 17% Incease G.O.(P)382/2013/Coop View
Maharashtra Co-operative ordinance 2013 II of 2013 View
Kerala Co-operative societies amendment Act 2013 Act 8 of 2013 View
Election on ward basis- exemption G.O.(P)52/2013/co-op dated 1-4-2013 View
97th Constitution Amendment quashed WPPIL166 of 2012 View
Chit funds exempted from service tax WP(C)4512/2012 View
FINANCE ACT 2013 17/2013 View
Supreme Court penalise JR for Supersession of Board Civil appeal No.4691 of 2013 View
Qualifying exam-exempted G.O.(P)40/2013/Co-op View
Dry day on June 20 26873/F2/13 View
DA New 114% 2013 G.O(P)396/2013 View
Qualifyimg Examination notification 15/2011 View
NABARD circular PACS as BC of DCB 824 dt:22/7/13 View
Registrar rejects Nabard's proposal CG(1)7230/13 dated 3.8.13 View
Pay revision primary full 2015 118 View
Supreme Court on Sec.133(6) SLP(c) 3976/2010 View
Gahan Fee Exempted G.O.(p)168/2013/TD View
RTI Act- Supreme court judgment CA 9017/2013 View
New D A 128 % G.O.(P)66/2014 View
Draft Rule 2014 G.O.(P)365/2013 View
Extension of term of Committee of Co-operative societies 44/2014 View
Employees welfare Fund- benefits-rule amended 4/2014 View
Election on ward basis- exemption period extended G.O.(P)66/2014/co-op View
New DA 142% G.O. (P) 382 2014 View
Income Tax Act S.80(P)- Karnataka HC order ITA 598/2013 View
Risk Fund Rules- Amendment 96/2014 View
AO of Income Tax not to call for irrelevant information Notification No.7/2014 View
UCB Pay revision anomilies 2015 View
Pension Enhanced Order 2014 View
Deposit Guarantee Scheme- Amended G.O.(P)126/2014 View
Sitting fees, honorarium, TA rates revised Circular 49/2014 View
Rule Amendment 2014 142 2014 View
Pension New Order 149 2014 View
CBDT order against coercion during Survey F No.286/98/2013-IT(Inv.II) View
DA order 152% 174 2015 View
Pensioners Medical Allowences GO(p)180 2015 View
Supreme Court dismissed SLP on Sec. 133(6) of IT Act SLP 10776 /2015 View
Govt orders exemption on Active membership G.O.(P)68/2015/Co-op dt. 25-11-2015 View
Daily Collection & Appraisers Order 8559_2015 View
State ARDB employees pay revision order 8560_15 View
Bonus 2014-2015 38890/2015 View
Bonus Commission Agent 2015 498 2015 View
New D A 160% 561_2015 561 2015 View
UCB Pay revision 2015 11818 2015 View
Visions 2025 committe 11541 2015 View
DCB Pay revision 2015 2015 View
Pay revision PACS/PCS 2015 118 2015 View
Hospital pay revision 2015 125 2015 View
PCARDB pay revision 2015 124 2015 View
Pension OTS 693-2015 View
Industrial Dispute Act not applicable to employees of Co-operative Societies - Kerala High Court WA.NO. 2516 OF 2009 View
Group Personal Accident Insurance 526 2015 View
Group Personal Accident Insurance Form 1 & 2 View
New DA 92% Order 758 2015 View
Holyday press release 23 12 15 View
Milk Employees Pay revision 2 2016 View
173/2016/co-op pensioners DA 5% Increase View
80 (P) HIGHCOURT ORDER ITA 402/2013 View
TA New Order 7/2016 View
DA 96% 350/2016 coop View
Extend of committe 482 2016 View
Hospital Employees Anomaly 82 2016 View
Bonus 2016 EM(1)37890 2016 View
Neethi Medical Employees Pay revision anomaly 424 2016 View
Milk sos Bonus GOP/143/2016/LBR View
Allowances as per KSR 2016 G.O.7 2016 View
Bonus coll Agents 2016 464 2016 View
DA 98% 463 2016 463 2016 View
Active members -judgment WA No.580/2015 View
Appointment of election officials -judgment W.P.(C) 26608 of 2016 View
RBI press release on Rs.500 and Rs. 1000 notes 20162017/ 1142 View
RBI Circular on Bank to Bank withdrawal RBI/2016-17/123 View
RBI -FAQ on Rs.500 & 1000 notes RBI - FAQ View
RBI penalised Banks for KYC violation 2016-2017/241 View
Supreme Court order in DCB cases W.P.(c)906 of 2016 View
Exam for Promotion 5 2017 View